A Professor's Final Initiative

To conclude each of her Painting I classes, Tanja Butler orchestrated a final collaborative community project for her classes at the conclusion of each course. Ranging from public school installations to public art projects, Tanja consistently gave back to the Boston North Shore community every year. At the end of the calendar year 2014, Tanja retired from her long held position. As a final farewell, Tanja taught our class with care and precision as she taught the fundamentals of oil painting. From the start of the semester, we dove into the community project that she found. Our class was commissioned to complete a large scale display for our college Student Center. 

The project turned into a design process that extended for the length of the full semester. During designated portions of each class time, we discussed color samples and manipulated structural cut outs to best represent the attraction and value that we each experience through our school. It was a high charge to lay the responsibility of visualizing the history, power and potential of our college in the hands of ten art students and their professor. I delight in seeing the product each day in passing, and I trust that the process we waded through continues to speak to faculty, staff and students alike. 

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