Speaking Up about Gender Equality


International Justice Mission is an organization that combats modern day slavery by fighting oppression at its root causes. The Mission rescues victims and strengthens local law enforcement in order to combat current injustices. Part of IJM's work is to advocate on behalf of victims;  this advocacy has been spearheaded through the creation of college campus chapters , which host events and conversations centered around the work of IJM and the realities of relevant topics in our world. As part of my college's campus chapter , I had the joy of engaging in the conversation by helping lead various events with my co-staff throughout the Fall of 2015. 

Focusing on the local Boston area, we held a mini-series on the system of sexism, beginning with a lecture that had an art display as a reception for the event. Many students contributed work that was truly vulnerable and raw; these pieces awakened  necessary  contributions to the topic. As a staff we were grateful for the submissions and the show as a whole. 

Inspired by discussion introduced by student work  and moved by staff conversations on sex trafficking and gender, I was brought to a silence that compelled me to express myself through physical representations. In addition to planning the art display for the event, I created an installation for the event that was suspended for that evening in November. Below you will see slides of the show depicting much of the process.