An Untold Stoy

Unearthing the history of The Children’s Art Centre of Boston’s South End

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Self-Published: April 2019

The Little Glass Treasure House is the untold story of community, artmaking and dedication at the Children's Art Centre of Boston's South End. Charlotte Dempsey taught here for nearly 40 years. This is her story and the collective story of the children of the South End who walked through these doors. This children's literature book is 32 pages of text, written with 3rd - 5th grade reading levels in mind.

Online book sales are here: https://www.southendbookstore.com/the-little-glass-treasure-house


Meeting the Dempseys

Since launching my book, I was connected with Charlotte’s living relatives: Anne and Bill Dempsey. Aunt Charlotte was a dear relative in Bill’s life until she passed 40 years ago.

It turns out the Charlotte wrote a book as well. Together, we are working toward publication of Charlotte’s memoir and personal accounts from The Children’s Art Centre. This book will be a resource for educators, complete with 70 original works made by children.

More info coming soon.